Staking Plan

Our Staking Plan

All of the bets you will see on this website will work on a 0.5-10pt staking plan. 0.5pts is my least confident bet and 10pts is my most confident. I would rather work on a points based system to give you more of an idea of my confidence on a bet rather than give a cash amount which offers no idea how big a bet it is for me.

Most of the bets you will see on the site will range between 3-6pts. Stakes will vary on a number of things. The number of runners will be a big thing so outright bets with many runners will often have a lower stake than a match bet where there is usually only two possible outcomes.

Other factors I consider when choosing a stake is form, conditions, venue, if it is an outright bet the draw will be factored in and of course value of the price. All of that put together will give us the stake for each bet.